Saturday, October 12, 2019

Breaking the Taboo: The Urgent Need to Change our Attitude Towards Mental Health"

We need to change our view and attitude about mental health.
We all have bad and good seasons in our life…it’s a journey on rocky roads. Humans are social and emotional animals it's time we get an effective support system.
Yesterday was World Mental Health Day and I saw the World Health Organization’s animated video about Suicide prevention, and to be honest, it is frustrating. We are living in the greatest time in History. We have advanced technology, medicine and hospitals are on a whole other level system, even the fitness trend is catching on … but we also have a rise the level of mental health problems. According to the WHO every 40 seconds someone loses their life to suicide. If we start caring and listening to our fellow beings, then we could quite possibly save a lot of life. ...Check out the video link below from world health organization,preventing suicide campaign
Preventing suicide: information for health workers #.
Its high time we consider Mental health an important aspect of our lives and that there is nothing wrong with not being  able to figure out your way around, or getting caught up in toxic relationships or maybe we just need someone to hear us, help us around a little bit. It's human, it happens. Nobody is immune to it. The Joker once said, All is takes is one bad day to make the sanest man go mad. Albeit it is a fictional quote but there is some truth to that. Our unhealthy materialistic life style and attitude know no bounds. We always need more or something better and we even move things around us to make that happen. A constant fight for the approval or to be the powerful in the room, the race, the society, the world, whatever. In the end, does it really matter? We take nothing when we leave not even our last shirt.
When we get caught up between Emotional and Physical turmoil we definitely need to someone to talk to or help us understand human emotions scientifically.
Every human brain and experience are unique even if you are born in the same family. Hence, there is no general solution for everyone, its important to understand your emotional fitness level and how to deal with this, so you can be at one with yourself or at least finish that last shift before completely losing your mind on somebody. When we have a headache or an allergy, we go to doctor but many times it could be emotional stress taking physical form. Which you won’t say and most likely you won't know and even the doctor might not know. Which will end up treating a disease you don’t even have and create a whole other problem.
With a busy lifestyle we wouldn’t eat or sleep right, overwork, do not have time for fitness and substance abuse, all of which creates a lot of pressure for the mind and body to handle. Unhealthy minds lead to unhealthy bodies.
So WAKE UP….  Take a look inward and watch yourself. It's important you understand your emotions before you focus on where others going wrong, how the situation is messed up, and what not. If you really need help and are confused go to a professional, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Our brain is the main server of our body which is the main source of our emotions. It’s important to take care and understand the functions, if you have all the riches of the world and  do not have any control over your mind and body what is the point?
So getting mental health support is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Which all us need actually, on one or another day, in one or another way.
We need to change our view and attitude about mental health. To avoid violence, suicide, crime and most human atrocities this the only way, we are human, we emotional beings and we need to start helping and hearing our fellow people.

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Breaking the Taboo: The Urgent Need to Change our Attitude Towards Mental Health"

We need to change our view and attitude  about mental health. We all have bad and good seasons in our life…it’s a journey on rocky roa...